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How to Increase Student Participation

Teaching Tips: Student Participation

Increasing Student Participation: The Teaching Center

Encouraging Student Participation in Discussion

Oral Participation in the Foreign Language Classroom (FL Teach)

Making Conversations Happen (check out the student participation survey)

Koosh! Enhancing Class Participation

Get Shy Students Talking During a Seminar

Top Twelve Ways to Increase Student Participation

Encouraging Class Participation (Education World)

Structures for Active Participation

Going Beyond Q & A: Formative Assessment and Other Ideas for 100% Student Participation

Teaching Strategies for Participation

Advice from teachers on encouraging participation

Students' Advice on Class Participation

Chart of Classroom Structures which Encourage Participation

Why Won't They Talk to Me?

Teacher Talk vs. Student Talk

Why Talk is Important (ASCD)

We Talk Too Much!

Teacher Talk Time and Student Talk Time

Effective Ways to Minimize TTT and Maximize STT

Teacher Talk Time/Student Talk Time: The 70/30 Paradigm

Teacher Talking Time Vs. Student Talking Time

Strategies for Observing Student and Teacher Talk

Why Your Students Need Breathing Room

Collecting data on Teacher Talk: Stopwatch Method

Momentary Sampling Tool of Teacher Talk

Wait Time

Your secret weapon- Wait Time

Using "think time" and "wait time" skillfully in the classroom

Wait time teaching tip

Speaking Strategies

Information Gap Activities

Information Gap Activity Podcast

Teaching Speaking- Activities to Promote Speaking in a Second Language

Using information gap activities in the second language classroom

Assessing Participation

Class Participation Rubric

Participation Rubrics
Assessing Student Participation in Class

Grading Classroom Participation

Student Participation Rubric

Class Participation Scoring Guide

A college professor's participation rubric

Participation calendar

Student self-evaluation of participation

World Language participation rubrics (Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish)