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Background Information:

What is flexible grouping?

Ability and Instructional Grouping Information

Tips for Grouping Students

Collaborative Learning: Small Group Learning Page

Collaborative Learning: Group Work and Study Teams

Literature Circles Resource Center

Building Blocks for Teams

Ways to group students quickly and effectively

Using groups effectively: 10 principles

Flexible Grouping: When, How, and Why

Benefits of Collaborative Learning

Collaboration (videos on iTunes University from Teaching and Learning Scotland)

Powerful Learning: Study Shows Deep Understanding Derives from Collaborative Methods

Why G-R-O-U-P-W-O-R-K Doesn't Spell Collaboration (Ed Week)
Constructive Chaos: Using Flexible Grouping in Middle and High School

Differentiation Through Flexible Grouping

Differentiation and grouping in Mathematics

Flexible Grouping Practices

Developing a flexible group lesson plan

Teams Games Tournaments Instructions

Types of Small Groups

Facilitating Small Group Learning

Making Classroom Groups Inclusive

Creative ways to organize students for small group activities

Purposeful Flexible Grouping

Grouping Strategies:

Grouping Strategy Cards

Ten Strategies for Forming Groups

Grouping cards

Partner grouping cards (French)

Partner grouping cards (Spanish)

Grouping cards Spanish

Clock Buddies

Clock Buddies Handout

Clock partners

Appointment Clock Buddies (4 partners)

Random Team Maker

Compass Buddies

Planning and Managing Groups:

Assessing Group Work

Tips for Grading Groupwork

Elementary Teamwork Rubric

Group participation rubric

Recordkeeping and Assessing Group Talk
Management ideas for groupwork

Seating options for grouping

Cooperative self-evaluation

Cooperative learning rubric

Team quiet signs

Team talk question cards

Group work assignment cards

Assessing groupwork

Student Brag Sheet- self assessment of groupwork contribution

Cooperative Learning

Excellence in Teaching: Cooperative Learning (Discovery Education Streaming)

Cooperative and Collaborative Learning

Cooperative Grouping

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning Structures

Active/Cooperative Learning Learning Module

Cooperative Learning Video Clips

Cooperative Learning SOS (Troubleshooting)

Kagan Strategies

Carousel Activity Video

Cooperative Learning powerpoint

Cooperative Grouping Strategies

Enhancing learning through cooperative learning

Cooperative learning troubleshooting checklist

Cooperative Learning Student Questionnaire

Cooperative Learning Jeopardy Quiz

Directions for cooperative learning strategies:

Downloadable explanations of cooperative learning structures

Three Step Interview

Four Corners


Inside-Outside Circle




Think-Pair-Share Variations

Numbered heads together

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