Page Editing Directions

Directions for adding a description or comment:

1. Click on "EDIT THIS PAGE". Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.34.56_PM.png
2. Type any text you would like (for example, a description of an activity to created).
3. Click on "SAVE". Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.35.44_PM.png

Directions for uploading a file to the page:

1. Click on "EDIT THIS PAGE".Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.34.56_PM.png
2. At that point you can type any text you like (for example, the title of your document).
3. To upload a document, click on the FILE icon. Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.33.26_PM.png Click on "UPLOAD FILES". Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.37.40_PM.png
4. At that point you can browse your computer for the file you want to upload.
5. Once you've found the file you want to upload, choose the file and click OPEN.
6. Click on the file name once the icon (Word, Xcel, etc.) appears in the window, and it will appear on the page.
7. When you've finished, click SAVE. Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.35.44_PM.png

Directions for adding a weblink to the page

1. Click on "EDIT THIS PAGE." Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.34.56_PM.png
2. Type the title of the webpage/weblink.
3. Highlight the title.
4. Copy the URL for the webpage/weblink.
5. Click on the "LINK" button. Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.33.18_PM.png
6. Click on "EXTERNAL LINK." Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.39.07_PM.png
6. Paste the URL you copied into the box by "ADDRESS". Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.39.15_PM.png
7. Click on "ADD LINK". Screen_shot_2011-07-07_at_9.39.21_PM.png