Out of Their Seats and Tapping Their Feet


Background information:

Active Classroom Frees Kids From Desks- MSNBC article

Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom

The Movement Continuum

Active Learning

Active Learning Techniques
Ten very best reasons for using classroom games

Physical Activity Resources for Classroom Teachers (Vermont Dept. of Education)

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Out of Seat Activity Cards

Music and Movement:

How Music Helps Language Learning

The MASSive database (Math and Science songs)

Math Music Topics

Math Songs and Poems

Math Songs for Teaching

Science Songs for Teaching

Using Music to Teach Social Studies

Using Music in the Social Studies Classroom

Cheers, chants, raps and poetry

Songs for Science, Math, and Social Studies topics

Rhyme N Learn: World's Greatest Math and Science Rap
Music and Messages from the Past: Tuning Into History

Activities and Games:

Leslie's Game Ring

Leslie's game ring additions

Movement Activities and Games for Elementary Classrooms

Classroom games and activities

Active Academics

Brain Breaks: Physical Activity Idea Book (MIchigan Department of Education)

Kagan Strategies
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Leslie's game ring

Let's Get Physical

Energizers: Classroom Based Physical Activities

Let's Get Physical!

Energizing Brain Breaks

MS Math
MS Language Arts