Let's Get Visual: The Power of Pictures


Top Images of 2008

Background information

Think Like An Artist

Visual thinking and learning- Inspiration

Your Three Brain Networks (what happens when you view an image)

Visual Thinking Strategies

Why the Blank Stare? Strategies for Visual Learners

The Eyes Have It: Potent Visuals Promote Academic Richness

Cross-Training: The Arts and Academics Are Inseparable

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Students as Artists Activities

Visual display rubric- evaluating effectiveness of a visual for teaching and learning

Using audio-visuals to illustrate concepts

Teaching Tips: Using visual aids

Visuals and technology: Comics

Comic creator (Read Write Think.org)

How to use Comic Life in the classroom

Toon Doo (world's fastest way to create cartoons)

Make Beliefs Comix

Visuals and technology: Storytelling

Powerpoint in the classroom

Powerpoint pointers

Examples of classroom uses of Photo Story 3

Digital Storytelling

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling wiki by Jennifer Dorman

Center for Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling finds its place in the classroom

Interactive digital collages

Zoo Burst (virtual pop up books)

Digital collage lesson plan using PhotoShop

Photo Story 3 in the classroom

Visuals and technology: Projects


Museum Box

Visuals and technology: Word Clouds

Word doodles


Presidential inaugural speeches in Wordle

Guess the Wordle

Word It Out


Assorted Other Visual Strategies

Visual discovery strategy

Flashcards, game boards and bingo cards by theme

Free flashcards

Make your own flashcards

Designing and Using Visuals in the Classroom

Taking notes in picture form

Visual Discovery powerpoint

Visual discovery description

Visual notetaking activity

Fine Art

Art coloring pages

Spanish arts

National Gallery of Art

Hispanic Art Links

Visual arts links

Impressionism and Post-Impressionism- Art Institute of Chicago

VanGogh Museum- Amsterdam

Arts Coloring Book- Minneapolis Museum of Art

Art Coloring Pages- Enchanted Learning

Arts Edge (Kennedy Center)

Virtual Art Museum

Communicative Activities Using Art

Graphic Organizers/Nonlinguistic Representations

Graphic Organizers: Vermilion Parish (great collection)

Diagramly- Draw Diagrams Online


Cacoo- create diagrams online, real time collaboration


Organizing Tools on Cool Tools for Schools wiki

Top Ten Sites for Brainstorming/Mindmapping

Inspiration examples and lesson plans

Nonlinguistic representation

Nonlinguistic representations

Graphic organizers powerpoint

Maximizing the use of graphic organizers

Variety of graphic organizers (p. 27-48)

Thinking with Visual Organizers

Placemat activity

Placemat activity 2

Placemat template

Visuals and Math

Running the Numbers

Mathematical Art: The Art of Raytracing

Visuals and Science

Interactive Science Simulations