Let's Grow Some Dendrites!: Creating a Brain-friendly Classroom



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Funderstanding: Brain-based Learning

The Brain Lady


Brain Gym

Brain Breaks

Brain songs

Wondermind: Play games and explore the science of your brain

Brain-compatible Classroom

Using Brain-based Education to Optimize Learning

Understanding How Adolescents Think

Language Study and the Brain (Teresa Kennedy)

Mind Expansion: Inside the Teenage Brain (Newsweek)

Brain-based (Compatible) Learning

12 Design Principles Based on Brain-based Learning Research

Practical Ways Brain-based Research Applies to ESL Learners

Brain-Compatible Teaching and Learning

Surprising Truths- The Implications of Brain Research

A Fresh Look at Brain-based Education

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Hemispheric Dominance Inventory

Hemispheric Dominance and Learning Styles

How to teach students about the brain

A brain-friendly environment for learning

The tenth reason to play: brain-friendly instruction(Spencer Kagan)

Brain-friendly learning for teachers

Eric Jensen's Brain Based Learning Blog


Bobby McFerrin Hacks Your Brain with Music

The Brain (videos on iTunes University from Teaching and Learning Scotland)

How the Brain Makes Meaning (TED)

How the Brain Learns Best: How to Make Learning Stick (Edutopia)

Bobby McFerrin Hickjacks Your Brain with Music

How We Learn: Synapses and Neural Pathways


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Brain-friendly techniques

Selected resources for brain-friendly learning

The Current Brain Research: What Does It Tell Us and What Does It Mean?

Classroom Tips from Current Brain Research

The Brain-friendly Revolution

Using brain-friendly music in the classroom (Source: readingprof.com)

Creating a brain-friendly classroom (Source: Delta Kappa Pi)

Brain-Friendliness Tic-Tac-Toe Boards


Educational Neuroscience: Test Your Brain


10 Strategies to Enhance Students' Memory

What can a student do to increase his/her memory?

Learning and Memory
Ask a Cognitive Scientist: What Will Improve A Student's Memory? (Source: www.aft.org)

Graphic Organizers

Customizable Graphic Organizers- CARLA

Graphic Organizers- Everything ESL

Graphic Organizers- Freeology

Graphic Organizers- Holt

Top Ten Sites for Brainstorming/Mindmapping

Graphic organizers powerpoint

Variety of graphic organizers (p. 27-48)

Thinking with Visual Organizers

Marketing and Neuroscience

Infomercials juice your brain to induce buying