Hands On Strategies

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Hands-on Learning

Why Hands-On Tasks Are Good

Foldables/ 3-D Graphic Organizers:

All Things Foldable Live Binder

Foldables wiki

Pinterest Board on Foldables

Fantastic Flexible Foldables

FoldiFun Factory

Foldables slideshow

Foldables blog

Foldable books

Social Studies foldables

Foldables for US History

Examples of math foldables

More math foldables

Math and science foldables

Science Foldables

Foldables for ELLs

Lapbook Lessons.com (lots of free templates and ideas)

Print, Cut, and Fold

Foreign Language foldables templates, instructions, and examples

Foreign Language foldables How To videos

Foreign Language foldables implementation ideas

House foldable

Foldables instructions 1

Foldables instructions 2

Hidden Panel Foldable

Magic Folding Book

Magic Folding Book powerpoint directions

Paper Folding Ideas for Geometry Students

Vocabulary Foldable

Directions for a layered book

Hands-On Activity Templates

MathWire Math Templates

PaperToys Model Templates

Bingo board, dice, dominoes, game board maker

Game spinners

Cube template

Cube Creator (Read Write Think.org)

Paper models for polyhedra


Spanish activity cubes

Cube template

Vocabulary Diamond Graphic Organizer

Squares puzzle template

Squares puzzle template 2

Scatter Squares template

Math example on slope of vocabulary puzzle

Example of squares puzzle


Blank cube template

Grid and spinner template

Letter blocks, dominoes, and game board templates

Triangle spinner, small cube, and sliding strip templates

Assorted Spinners (MathWire)

Spinner template

Poof/Smoosh Books

Poof book video on Teacher Tube

Stapleless book resources from Read Write Think.org

Poof book template

Smoosh book directions

En vacances (French) smoosh book

AR verbs (Spanish) smoosh book

Sports and activities (French) smoosh book

Penguins (Elementary) smoosh book

Cootie Catchers/Fortunetellers

How to make a cootie catcher video

Spanish comecocos (cootie catchers)
How to make a cootie catcher/fortuneteller

Blank cootie catcher/fortuneteller template 1

Blank cootie catcher/fortuneteller template 2

French fortuneteller

Math fortuneteller

Recyclomania cootie catcher

"Hands On" Games


Using Games to Enhance Student Achievement (ASCD)

Custom Bingo Cards

Parade of Games in Powerpoint

Powerpoint games and activities

Free Printable Flashcards

Free Printable Flashcards, Worksheets, and Games

Jeopardy Labs- create an online jeopardy game

Flip Quiz: create gameshow-style boards

Student interactive activities on ReadWriteThink.org

Powerpoint Games and Game Templates

Printable Game Boards

Microsoft Excel Games

Bingo card generator

Bingo Baker