Engaging Lesson Beginnings and Ends: Snappy Starters, Happy Endings, and Everything in Between

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Generated list of lesson starter ideas from session participants

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Beginnings/Anticipatory set

Advantages of using bell ringers

Lesson beginnings

Icebreakers and Energizers

Questions to begin the day

Question of the day links

Warm Up Ideas

Anticipatory set

Anticipatory set: The hook of the lesson

Anticipatory Set: Shooting for Success

Anticipatory set powerpoint

Lesson starters

Warm-ups: They're not just for gym


Exit card questions

Exit slips

Closing Activities at the End of Class

Activities and ideas for ending your lesson

Lesson closure

Closure powerpoint

Exit slip template

Exit slips

Exit cards powerpoint

3 Minute Buzz

Reflection Pyramid

Reflecting on Bright Ideas



Admit & Exit Slips Examples

Effective lesson beginnings and effective lesson endings

Anticipatory set and closure

Admit slips and exit slips

Entrance and exit slips

Exit slip

Templates for admit and exit slips

3-2-1 Strategy form

3-2-1 Strategy

3-2-1 Strategy Chart

Sponge Activities

Sponge Ideas Grades 6-8

Sponge Activities

More sponge activities

Sponge, mop up and anchor activities

Sponge activities powerpoint

Educational sponge activities