Creating the Environment for Successful Classroom Management and Discipline

GMU StarTalk

June 26, 2014


Workshop Powerpoint

Positive Classroom Environment

Creating a Positive Classroom Climate

Seven Strategies for Building Positive Classrooms

TELL Environment Self-Assessment

Affect-Control-Inclusion pinch card

27 Ways to Be an Effective Classroom Teacher

27 Ways to Reflect on Your Teaching

Cheer Cards

Strategies for Building Relationships

27 Ways to Greet Students
20 Ideas for Increasing Parental Involvement

10 fun ways to get to know your students

Getting to Know Your Cootie Catchers

Knowing your learners: surveys and inventories

Strategies for Managing Student Behavior

27 Things to Do with Students who are not Paying Attention

Managing a Classroom: 27 Ideas about how to Manage a Classroom
10 Ways to Reach Students in Your Classroom

Setting the Rules: Letting the students set the rules

Give me 5 Poster

Voice Levels Chart

Examples of classroom ground rules

Classroom Management Learning Module

Strategies for Managing Student Groups

Group and partner posters

Appointment Clock Buddies

Grouplng cards

The Power of Us: Grouping Strategies

Flexible grouping strategies

Ways to group students cards

Differentiated grouping cards

Strategies for Organizing Your Classroom

Classroom Architect

Class Set Up Tool

Seating Chart U Shape

Seating Chart Groups of Four

Seating Chart E Shape

Seating Chart Pairs

Strategies for Classroom Routines

Strategies for Lining Up

Online timers

30 Classroom Procedures to Head Off Behavior Problems

Determine Classroom Procedures Before School Starts

Ask 3, Then Me